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After the parcel is received and processed by the carrier, it will be then arranged for shipping out soon. Generally, for postal parcels, the shipping time highly depends on the carrier’s distribution networks, local customs inspection, airline arrangement, etc, so the delivery time might be longer than expected, and the tracking status might not be updated for days long; therefore, please wait for the parcels patiently or contact the seller for help directly if necessary. Below we list some common information which means that the parcel has left the originating country/area for the destination, but it has not arrived in the destination yet. 



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For most international parcels, due to low postage, even express service, the carriers don’t have a guaranteed or an expected date of arrival. The shipping time can be slower than you expect, mostly because of the customs procedure and airline arrangement. The international shipping is quite different from the domestic shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest that you contact the retailer/shipper where you purchased your order. As an online tracking platform, we are not responsible for the delivery of your order. Also, we are not associated with any online merchants. Therefore, an online transaction or a refund related issue could only be handled by the merchants.

Normally, if the parcel has been already shipped out, the address could not be changed then. You can only wait until your parcel arrives in your country then submit the request of address change to your local shipping carrier. You can visit the carrier’s official website to get help as well.

Unfortunately, an estimated time of arrival is not available from the carrier for international parcels. We advice you track your parcel to know when your parcel will be arrived  ?

Yes, we can confirm if it’s a valid number according to tracking number format for most of these parcels. However, we cannot confirm if a parcel belongs to you or others. You will need to be careful on your selection of the sellers. Before you place an order, make sure you have done some researches on the seller.

If you confirm your parcel was delivered to someone else, please contact the sender directly and confirm if the shipping address was labeled correctly. If so, you may call the local shipping service to clarify the problem.

Under normal circumstances, this means your parcel has been delivered successfully. If you didn’t receive it, it’s possible that your parcel was “Delivered” into your mailbox or someone else received it for you. To clarify more delivery details, we recommend that you contact your local carrier with the same tracking number. Or seek help from the sender to make sure that parcel is addressed to y

This means your parcel has been tendered for delivery without success; your parcel may be returned back to sender if no one is present to receive it after the delivery attempt has made.

For most postal operators, your parcel will be held for about 2 weeks in addition to the arrival week. If you miss the delivery attempt, you need to contact the local carrier for further instructions on what to do.

Please also be aware of the collection deadline.


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